Monday, August 18, 2008

You should be watching Mad Men

If you are not already watching Mad Men on AMC... You should start! It's a brilliantly written drama epitomizing family & business life in mid-century America.

I love the little things they do to really show how different people were back then....such as pregnant women smoking...!

If you aren't taken by the smart script, it's worthwhile to watch just for the 1950's/1960's fashion and home and office decor. My eyes devour all the mid century modern furniture, and the costumes and dresses are so painfully cute!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What the Girls Want!

Summer is definitely here!!!! Our customers are crazy about these *HOT* sun dresses! The kitschy vintage style prints are so fun... and what's better than a light airy dress on a sticky hot day???

Retro 1950's Flower Print Dresses:

Mid Century Mod Print Dresses:

Classic Retro Dresses:

(Don't these look like dresses Charlotte from Sex and the City would wear? I know, referencing SATC is lame...haha)

"Anthropologie" Influenced Dresses:

(I admit it...I love my Anthropologie catalogues)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Stop Staring Exclusives at Red Dress Shoppe

Almost all of the items in our shoppe are one-time cuts, and unfortunately we can't re-order because the manufactures are no longer making it. So, usually, if we are out of your size we absolutely can not get any more! I know, I know... It's so disappointing.

However, Red Dress Shoppe has a very long and personal relationship with Stop Staring Clothing, and we are so fortunate (and appreciative) to be given the opportunity to carry *Exclusive* dresses by Stop Staring on our site! Not only are they sold exclusively on our website and no others, but we can re-cut the best sellers, and most of them were designed FOR you can be confident that you are wearing a very special - maybe even collectable - piece by Stop Staring!

One great example is the Clover Dress! You gals have showed me over and over again how much you loooooooved the Clover Dress... I have re-ordered that dress so many times - and if you didn't get one this time around... don't worry, we'll have it again in the Fall 2008!

Thank you for making our Stop Staring *Exclusives* a great success!!!!! We hope to keep making combinations you will love!!!

(Be sure to check out our newest.... The "Twilight" Dress.... The Best Fitting Stop Staring Dress EVER!!!)

Why Does Red Dress Shoppe Have a Blog?

I decided to create a blog for 3 reasons:

(a) It's a great way for me to keep you guys updated on new items without spamming you with e-mail all the time! Sorry if those e-mails are annoying :/ Stay tuned to the blog for surprise SALES and free giveaways!!!

(b) So you can give me feedback and suggestions on what styles/colors/cuts you're looking for... and then I can improve the shoppe and stock the things you want! I admit, I'm not that great at picking stuff out...I can really use your help!

(c) To connect with you gals... to talk about clothes, music, indie culture, fun findings, etc...! I always feel like RDS customers are girls I could be friends with!

Red Dress Shoppe is essentially a one-woman show and I try my very *best* to find clothes you guys will like at prices you can afford. I know I'm not perfect, and there are many things about the shoppe that can really use improving (such as finding more manufacturers that make reasonable sizes)... but I am limited in resources and I hope to make improvements slowly along the way... Thank you for taking this journey with me!